Most unique birds of the world – Part 2

Happy Saturday again and welcome to another part of the most unique birds in the world. Today the birds are even more exotic:

~Golden Conure~

Golden Conure

Or golden parakeets, are native to parts of the Amazon in northern Brazil. They’re social animals, spending their time living, eating and sleeping together. Unique to parrots, other birds in their group will help couples raise their young and defend their nests.
They enjoy fruits, flowers and seeds found in the wild.


~Golden Pheasant~

Golden PheasantNative to the mountainous areas of western China, they spend their times among the trees hunting for grubs and berries. Rather than flying, they prefer to run. Though they can fly and choose to spend their nights roosting in trees.


~Gouldian Finch~

Gouldian FinchComing from the northern parts of Australia, these colorful finches make their nests in tree holes, close to a source of water. Their babies’ beaks are brightly colored so parents can easily find their mouths in such shadowy nests. They flock with other types of finches, sometimes in
groups of 1,000 to even 2,000!


~Greater Bird Of Paradise~

Greater Bird Of ParadiseLiving in the hill forests of southwest New Guinea and Indonesia, these birds are quite big, males being 17 inches minus their long tail feathers and females just a little smaller at 14 inches. They enjoy fruits, small insects and seeds.


~Green Wing Macaw~

Green Wing Macaw ParrotComing from the warm, humid forests of north and central South America, These brilliant-colored birds stay with their mates for life and can like to the old age of 60. In flight, they can reach speeds of 35mph. They have very powerful beaks that can generate a pressure of 500 up to 2,000+ pounds per square inch! (To put that in perspective, humans average a bite force of around 150.)

So, find any birds you weren’t familiar with? Learn anything new? Tell us below! Also, don’t forget to keep a look out for part three.

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