Most unique birds of the world – Part 4

Happy Saturday again and welcome to part 4 of the world’s most unique birds! Today we have lots of familiar birds, as a matter of fact most of them come from the states. so first up is this blue gem found among the mountainous states;

~Mountain Bluebird~

Mountain Bluebird


Found among the western states of America, these birds are found living among the open country and mountains (including areas as far north as Alaska). Their favorite foods are insects, namely grasshoppers, as well as berries and spiders. They are comfortable living around humans and will often nest in the same places for years. Females are a more pale, almost teal hue.


~Northern Cardinal~

Northern Cardinal


Another native of North America, these loyal songbirds mate for life and live together year-round and will often sing together before nesting. Their diet consists up to 90% of weed seeds, grains, and fruits but they will often catch and eat insects as well.
During courtship, the male feeds seed to the female beak-to-beak, as seen below.




~Painted Bunting~

Painted Bunting

Native to the southern parts of America they can be seen in parts of Arizona, New Mexico, southern and eastern Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, the southern coast of South Carolina and northern Mexico. With so many colors, it’s no wonder why they’re regarded as the most colorful bird in the states. Females are a greenish shade, resembling a female goldfinch. Their flight resembled the bobbing pattern of a butterfly.


~Paradise flycatcher~


Heading now to Asia, this shocking bird inhabits thick forests and well-wooded areas. They migrate to the south tropics in winter. There’s several different subspecies, and sometimes during migration they will choose a mate of a different strain. As their name suggests, they commonly hunt flying insects, swooping down from a higher branch to snare their prey.





Coming from India and parts of Asia, the peacock might be one of the most unique birds there is! Males use their colorful tails to attract a mate while the females (known as a peahens) use it to signal danger to their chicks (sometimes called peachicks). The can be domesticated and are said to make good, territorial watch birds. And despite their large tail, they can fly.


That’s all for today but there’s still one part left! Watch for it and the special poll that will follow 🙂

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