Amazing Flowers of the World – Part 1

Since it was a tie for the next article poll, I decided, let’s just do both. So first up are the world’s strangest flowers, half of which you wouldn’t want to stop and sniff.

Angel’s Trumpet
Don’t let their delicate looks fool you, they’re extremely toxic! Found in South America. Isn’t that where most deadly plants grow? angel-s-trumpet-blossoms-brugmansia


Bat-face Cuphea
Native to Mexico. They look like bats, don’t they? bat-face-cuphea ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Bleeding Heart
Native to East Asia, they’re a popular garden plant. I used to have these outside my window. bleeding-heart ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Buddhist Udumbara
They’re very tiny, 1mm in diameter tiny, and apparently they have a very distinct smell. I guess they can grow anywhere, just as the lady in China who found them in her washing machine. buddhist-udumbara ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Carrion Flower
With a name like that, they require few words. They look gross, and smell gross. A native of Africa. carrion-flower-stapelia-asterias

That’s all for now, but there’s four more parts coming up. Be sure to watch it. It may come next week, it may come sooner, but the ones coming up are sure to surprise you!

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